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Should You Shop for New or Used Cars in Wentzville?

Should You Shop for New or Used Cars in Wentzville?

January 24, 2017  

Used Cars in WentzvilleChoosing between shiny new vehicles and used cars in Wentzville can be difficult. However, only looking at the amount of the car payment will typically result in you buying a vehicle that is “too much car” and paying too much for it. These both equal trouble.

Be a smart auto-buying consumer and answer these questions before making your decision:

  • Having good credit increases the number of options you have for a vehicle with more features and lower interest rates. However, you will definitely have choices for less than favorable credit with a no down payment auto loan after divorce or other life-changing situation. These apply to both new and pre-owned vehicles.
  • A down payment in the form of cash or a trade-in is typically a requirement for purchasing used.
  • Depreciation, or lessening of a new vehicle’s value over time, is significant. You will never get that money back, even if you trade in that car the next day. This is where buying used is a sensible option.
  • New cars have higher insurance premiums and taxes compared to pre-owned.
  • On the other hand, maintenance on a used car may be more expensive, depending upon the age and condition of the vehicle itself. A used car that has had routine maintenance service regularly can last for many years. Checking the Carfax report provides valuable insight into this information. Even with this, parts do wear out over time and require replacement, so those types of costs should definitely be factored into the purchase price.

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