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Good Credit Auto Loans in Wentzville – What to Know

Good Credit Auto Loans in Wentzville – What to Know

November 14, 2016  

Good credit auto loans in WentzvilleGood Credit Auto Loans in Wentzville - What to Know can be found at every pre-owned car dealership. The trick is to know whether you are actually getting that great deal or if you are being scammed. Preparation and knowing some critical information before signing your contract are keys to a successful transaction. Be sure to ask the following questions of your sales rep and finance officer:

  • With my credit score, what is the lowest interest rate for which I can qualify?
  • Tell me the base rate and the APR (annual percentage rate). Will this fluctuate over the length of the loan?
  • How do I lock in the interest rate?
  • How long is the loan term?
  • What is the minimum amount required for a down payment?
  • What is my exact monthly payment and when is the first payment due?
  • Is there a penalty for paying off the loan early?
  • Do you offer car loans after divorce?
  • How much are loan fees and what are they for?
  • How long does loan approval take?

Prepare any additional questions you may have to ask the dealer about the loan or the vehicle itself. Buying a car does not have to be an ordeal if you anticipate as much as possible beforehand.

For expert guidance from honest and dependable sales personnel, speak with the team at 5 Star Auto Plaza by calling (636)940-7600 about good credit auto loans in Wentzville. Our inventory is constantly changing to meet your every transportation need and we are proud to be a local favorite in the used car industry.