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Exercise Caution When Buying Low Mileage Cars in St. Louis

Exercise Caution When Buying Low Mileage Cars in St. Louis

September 21, 2016  

Exercise Caution When Buying Low Mileage Cars in St. LouisBuying a used vehicle rather than a brand new one makes good fiscal sense. Pre-owned low mileage cars in St. Louis are still stylish, have many miles left on them and cost significantly less than the latest makes and models. When purchasing a used car, it is important to complete a little research to ensure that you are indeed getting that “good” deal the dealer promises. Before beginning your auto search, ask friends and relatives for their dealership recommendations. While most dealers are honest and strive to keep you satisfied, there are some who utilize unscrupulous measures to sell the cars on their lots.

One problem that is becoming more common is VIN or vehicle identification number cloning. Car thieves replace the VIN number on a stolen vehicle with one that has not been the victim of theft. False paperwork may be found with the vehicle. If sold, and is returned in one fashion or another to police, the buyer of the stolen car loses his money.

To avoid VIN cloning issues, follow these tips:

  1. Late model SUVs, luxury cars and pre-owned Hyundai cars for sale should be competitively priced. Unusually low prices are a potential red flag.
  2. Make sure that the VIN matches the dashboard, under the hood and inside the door and the car’s paperwork.
  3. Look closely at all vehicle documentation. False papers often have obvious errors.
  4. Regardless, acquire the vehicle history report and examine it carefully.
  5. Contact the police if you think you have an auto that has been cloned.

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