Tips for Buying Used Cars in St. Louis

Tips for Buying Used Cars in St. Louis

June 24, 2016  

Tips for Buying Used Cars in St. LouisBuying used cars in St. Louis does not have to be a confusing and complicated process, if you are prepared to mark important items off your pre-owned auto purchasing checklist. Having a reliable companion with you who has extensive knowledge of vehicles can further arm you for the best deal possible.

  • Look at the paint job on the vehicle in question. Are there touch up areas that may signal a prior crash or is rust evident?
  • Checking the oil can reveal a great deal. It should be at the proper level and clean.
  • Politely ask a member of the sales staff if the auto may be raised on the lift in the mechanic’s bay so that the undercarriage can be examined closely.
  • Ask why the previous owner or owners sold the car. If there was a problem, was it addressed and/or remedied? In addition, obtain a copy of the Carfax report. This documentation will reveal if the car has been flooded or has been in a collision.
  • Examine the vehicle’s maintenance history. Have periodic maintenance check ups been followed? Have there been any major parts replacements?
  • Have your personal mechanic inspect the auto to ensure that you know exactly where it stands.
  • Determine how you will pay for the car. Will you pay cash or consider auto financing with any credit?
  • Test driving the vehicle is crucial. Drive in the city, on the interstate and on country roads, if possible.

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