Your Commitment to Your Country Deserves to Be Rewarded in Wentzville

Your Commitment to Your Country Deserves to Be Rewarded in Wentzville

April 13, 2021 by  
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Our military sacrifices every day, whether on a foreign field or on the home front.  At 5 Star Auto Plaza, we believe that service should be recognized and rewarded.  If you currently serve in the military or are a veteran, we want to help you get the financial assistance you need to buy a car.…

Trust Us to Get You the Best Deal on Low Mileage Cars in St. Louis

April 6, 2021 by  
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Buying a car  scan be stressful if you don’t go to the right place. You need to decide what you want, what you can afford, and then look for a used car dealer with what you need. In the process, you are hoping you do not end up with a lemon. With 5 Star Auto…

Car Loans From a St. Peters Area Dealership You Can Trust

March 30, 2021 by  
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Are you consider buying a newer car? Maybe you do not have a vehicle and are on the hunt for just the right one. 5 Star Auto Plaza would be delighted to work with you and help you qualify for an auto loan. We have a wide selection of pre-owned vehicles and options for car…

Are You A Wentzville Driver Looking to Buy A Vehicle? Shop Our Used Cars!

March 23, 2021 by  
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There is something about a brand-new vehicle that is very appealing. While you may not initially think about buying used cars in Wentzville, it is much more economical and practical. Why would you spend all that extra cash when the same amenities can be obtained for a considerably lower price? Not to mention depreciation of the…

Live in O’Fallon & Have Bad Credit? Check Out These Used Car Buying Tips!

March 16, 2021 by  
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Most people think if you have bad credit, you cannot get a car loan. That is not the case with us. At 5 Star Auto Plaza, we specialize in working with folks that have less than stellar credit. We understand life happens, and in this current situation, it happens more often. Here are some used…

Test Driving Tips When Buying a Car in O’Fallon

March 9, 2021 by  
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Before buying any car, you should always take it for a test drive. Your test drive should be more than a quick trip around the corner, and you need to pay attention to the details while driving the vehicle. It doesn’t matter if the car is new or used; test-driving should be part of your…

Don’t Let Bankruptcy Keep Your From Getting an Auto Loan in O’Fallon

March 2, 2021 by  
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When an individual cannot pay debts owed to creditors, they may end up filing for bankruptcy. More people have found themselves in that situation since the start of the current worldwide pandemic. There are rules for who can declare bankruptcy and how the debt is taken care of, but it can leave you with less…

4 Winter Maintenance Tips for O’Fallon Car Owners

February 23, 2021 by  
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Winter is slowly fading away but it’s still important to keep a few things in mind to  make sure your vehicle is well cared for. Salty roads, ice, and freezing temperatures all take their toll on vehicles. At 5 Star Auto Plaza, we offer affordable cars in O’Fallon. Here are some tips for taking care…

Check Out Our Choice of Low Mileage Cars in St. Peters

February 16, 2021 by  
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Buying a used car can be a lengthy and stressful process. Prospective buyers have to select between interacting with dealers or owners, make decisions regarding car make and model, inspections, insurance providers, financing, and so on. Toss in the uncertainty that comes when considering a low mileage car, and almost anyone will be easily overwhelmed.…

Don’t Let Bad Credit Stop You From Getting the Auto Loan You Want in St. Louis

February 9, 2021 by  
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Many people find themselves, often through no fault of their own, with low or bad credit. When it comes to certain deals, such as not needing a down payment or great interest rates, your credit score has an impact. But it still is possible to get a good deal on a vehicle with bad credit…

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