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Our Goals at 5Star Auto Plaza:

  • Help you the car, truck or SUV that you need.
  • Get you into a loan payment that you can afford.
  • Counsel you on how to reestablish your good credit rating.

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This is why!


We understand the decision to file bankruptcy was not an easy one. We also understand you are faced with a lot of uncertainty. You are probably asking yourself: Will anyone give me a loan? What am I going to do for transportation?

Our goal here is not only to help you get the car, truck or SUV that you need at a loan payment that you can afford, but also to counsel you on how to reestablish your good credit rating. We will take the time to go over your current credit situation & help you develop a plan to start your new credit life off on the right foot. The reason we do all of this is simple, we have found that if we invest a little time in our clients during the deepest time of need they will ultimately become lifelong customers. Hence our slogan “WE BUILD CLIENTS FOR LIFE.” Whether you are in an open bankruptcy Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or your bankruptcy has been discharged, we have a finance program to fit you. Call us now 636-940-7600.



If you plan on keeping a vehicle in a bankruptcy,
you must call now BEFORE it is discharged!


You hired your bankruptcy attorney because you felt that they were the best choice to steer you through your bankruptcy filing. He or she undoubtedly had the knowledge to file the proper paperwork with the courts to allow for the discharge of your debts. The problem is that most attorneys are not able to keep up with the ever-changing automotive and finance market. It simply isn’t their area of expertise. For that reason we see many people with a car loan where they owe much more than the car is worth because they feel they have no other options.

After a period of time when it is time to trade this car in they find they are in the same place they were before, due to the negative equity they carried though the bankruptcy. The primary reason for filing bankruptcy is to relieve you of bad debt. If you owe more on your current car loan than it’s worth you should consider that a bad debt. Give us a call and allow us to do a 5 minute evaluation of your situation before it’s too late. Regardless of whether you finance a car from us or not you be given the knowledge in order to make an informed decision before you no longer have a choice.


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5 Star Auto Plaza has been serving the St. Charles, St Peters, St Louis and surrounding areas since 1997. We offer many ways to get you in to the used car, truck, or SUV of your choice. We offer guaranteed credit approval for all types of bad credit. and also offer buy here pay here programs with approved down payment. Interest rates and terms will vary depending on finance approval. Proof of income & other bank or finance company stipulations may apply. We are not attorneys and do not give legal advice, please verify all information with your bankruptcy attorney prior to making any auto loan decisions while in an open Chapter 13 or open Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Open chapter 13 will require prior trustee approval. Please contact our auto finance department at 636-940-7600. for further questions.


Click here for instant bankruptcy credit approval!

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I received excellent help in finding my car and the process was quick and smooth!!!

Anthony was great! Put me in the exact car I came in for made my first time financing experience a breeze , took the time to go over all information helped me with all questions and concerns it well worth it!!

Marquise was very friendly, professional, and worked very hard with my credit situation and got me into a car the same day. No rehearsed dialogue, no bait and switch.

Caleb is a great salesman and made the process as painless as possible.

Great customer service, Works hard to get you in something nice, Overall great performance

Great Service… Robin was great

5 star auto plaza was great to deal with. Caleb was an awesome help, funny, and easy to work with. We ended up leaving with exactly what we wanted.

Caleb was awesome. Easy to deal with, we left with exactly what we wanted. Fun person. Highly recommen caleb to do your car deals with!

Sierra did an amazing job getting my daughter in her new to her car!!!! Everything went smoothly and fast I would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle!!!!

Anthony!!!!!!! Wow! Talk about an honest and caring person. We came in, not expecting to be blown away by how quickly he worked to get us in a new vehicle. Ending up leaving with a WAY nicer car than we pictured. If you need someone to help you out, we highly recommend. Also, shouts to Chelsea for being the icing on the cake!