You Can Qualify for Bad Credit Auto Loans in Wentzville

You Can Qualify for Bad Credit Auto Loans in Wentzville

May 28, 2015  

Having a poor credit history can negatively impact your life in many areas, including the purchase of  home or vehicle, whether new or pre-owned. There are, however, options available to aid you in buying a used car in the form of bad credit auto loans in Wentzville.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Wentzville

How do you know if you have what lenders term “bad credit?” There are several indicators:

  • Not having enough credit. This often applies to college graduates or those seeking car loans after divorce when all credit was in the ex-spouse’s name.
  • Too much credit and debt. Having several credit cards with large balances are not in your favor. Paying off smaller debts first will help in this area.
  • You are unaware or have forgotten what your credit limits are.
  • Late payments are adding up. Even one late payment can blemish your credit report.
  • Your only line of credit is from plastic. Credit diversity is beneficial.
  • You have not seen a copy of your credit report and, therefore, do not know if it is accurate or not. Request your free copy from all 3 credit reporting bureaus.

It is not too late to repair your credit. Begin now before you actually need a vehicle.

For your current pre-owned auto requirements, get in touch with the professional team at 5 Star Auto Plaza at (636)940-7600 or stop by the dealership. We are proud to offer a wide selection of used vehicles of all types and in all price ranges and have affordable choices for you regarding bad credit auto loans in Wentzville.