What to Check on a Used Car

What to Check on a Used Car

January 6, 2014  

1Are you considering purchasing a new vehicle but don’t want to shell out the large chunk of change that a new vehicle will cost? Purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle from the experts at 5 Star Auto Plaza is a great way to save money while still getting the car of your dreams. Before buying any used car, we recommend checking a few things to make sure you get the best vehicle for your budget.

  • Car Tires- Worn tires or low tire tread can be signs that the vehicle needs new tires.  Make sure to check if the tread is low so you can determine when the vehicle will need new tires in the future.
  • Under the Vehicle- If you see puddles below the car, it may have a leak which may mean a larger issue.  Its best to check below the vehicle both before and after you test drive it.
  • Brake Pedals- Check to make sure that the brakes feel solid and not squishy.  The brake pedal should not be able to be pushed all the way to the floor.  Also make sure you listen for noises such as high pitched squealing – which may indicate that new brake pads would need to be installed.
  • Check the Fluids- Always be sure to check the fluids in the engine. This includes the brake fluids (which should be clear to slightly yellow), the coolant (which should be clear), and the transmission fluid (a red or purple color). Make sure that all fluid reservoirs are full and topped off.

If you are looking for used cars in St. Charles and are in the local area,  contact 5 Star Auto Plaza, the trusted used car dealers for over a decade. Our certified pre-owned vehicle inventory have all been inspected by our expert in-house Service Department to ensure top quality vehicles that you can rely on.