Used Cars in O’Fallon

Used Cars in O’Fallon

December 3, 2014  

used cars in O'FallonWhen it comes to high quality inventory of used cars in O’Fallon, 5 Star Auto Plaza is your local trusted resource. We work with our customers each step of the way to ensure that the vehicle they purchase is the best auto around, and perfectly suit each customers requirement and budget.

Each vehicle that we offer on our lot is carefully inspected by our in-house mechanical team to ensure vehicle reliability, and that overall condition of all inventory is the best available. The following items are checked by our service department prior to any vehicle being placed on our dealership lot.

  1. Exterior – Inspect windows and windshield, check for scratches and dents in the body.
  2. Tires – Are they a reputable brand? Are all of the tires the same size and brand? Check the spare to make sure that it is inflated and check for wear on all tires.
  3. Engine – There should be no leaks or unusual odors and no battery terminal corrosion.
  4. Suspension – The vehicle should be level and not creak when bouncing a corner.
  5. Interior – Inspect all of the seats, gauges and lights.
  6. Frame – The chassis needs to be straight and level.
  7. Transmission – Whether automatic or manual, the vehicle must shift smoothly. Check the fluids.
  8. Brakes – Braking should be smooth with no pull to one side, no noises and no vibration.
  9. Steering – Turning the steering wheel should not result in shaking or noises.

Call 5 Star Auto Plaza at (636) 940-7600 to view our selection of used cars in O’Fallon. Through our attention to detail and supreme selection of inventory, we are proud to offer the best used vehicle options around.