Top Ten Used Cars in St. Louis, MO

Top Ten Used Cars in St. Louis

Top Ten Used Cars in St. Louis

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While a list of the ten best used cars can be rather subjective, it’s always a good idea, especially for families, to get a grasp on what is the best, roomiest, and most reliable vehicle. Any car can be a great car when a buyer purchases it new, but a good used car requires several years of longevity and proving itself before anyone can really know if it’s deserving of a “best” title. Here at 5 Star Auto Plaza, we want to keep our clients informed, and have put together an informal list of the top ten used cars in St. Louis.

For families, roominess is important, and the Mitsubishi Outlander provides lots of room, great highway mileage, and has 168 horsepower. Another roomy vehicle great for families or as a commuter car is the Toyota RAV4. A smaller type of SUV, this vehicle has a whopping 269 horsepower with great gas mileage on the highway. For an economical choice, the Ford Fusion is a great starter car and reliable enough for the entire family. Solid and dependable, the Subaru Outback is always a top choice, with a comfortable, roomy interior and great highway mileage. For a smaller, but still tops in reliability and comfortability, the Nissan Altima always receives high ratings. The Toyota Camry is always at the top of safety ratings and consumer choices, and the Toyota Sienna always receives high marks as well. Rounding out the top three includes the Hyundai Sonata, Honda Odyssey, and the always reliable Honda Accord.

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