The Secrets to Finding the Best Used Cars in St. Peters

The Secrets to Finding the Best Used Cars in St. Peters

January 18, 2022  

The Secrets to Finding the Best Used Cars in St. Peters

Is there a secret to shopping for the perfect car? 5 Star Auto Plaza would like to think so. Not every car buying experience will be the same, and we are here to help you shop for the best used cars in St. Peters. Let us show you a reliable, accommodating car with all the bells and whistles that make it comfortable for your daily commute.

At 5 Star Auto Plaza, we are savvy to the car buying plights of every type of car buyer, from first-timers to people with bad credit, no credit, or limited monthly budgets. We strive to help, regardless of your situation, but here are a few “secrets” that could make finding a used car all the easier for you.

Pump Up Your Credit Score for a Better Overall Deal

Your credit score matters. The higher your credit score, the more leeway we can give you with auto financing and car loans. Pay down a few debts to give your credit score a bump before you come in to shop for a car.

Know Your Budget (Leave Wiggle Room for Unexpected Expenses)

What can you spend every month while still living comfortably and taking care of your other bills? Now add one- to two-hundred dollars to that. Keep your expenses realistic, give yourself some wiggle room for anything unexpected, and stick within a “buying” budget to find a car that works for your monthly rates.

Side Tip: Make a list – yes, an actual list – of your wants and expectations in a car. This will help you pinpoint a reliable, reputable automobile in our dealership.

5 Star Auto Plaza has a knack for pairing our customers with the car that suits them best. In this case, you could be perfect for any number of our best used cars in St. Peters. We would be happy to discuss your options, so call us at (636) 940-7600 with any questions you have.