Test Driving Tips When Buying a Car in O’Fallon

Test Driving Tips When Buying a Car in O’Fallon

March 9, 2021  

Test Driving Tips When Buying a Car in O'Fallon

Before buying any car, you should always take it for a test drive. Your test drive should be more than a quick trip around the corner, and you need to pay attention to the details while driving the vehicle. It doesn’t matter if the car is new or used; test-driving should be part of your decision-making process. We provide auto financing in O’Fallon that makes buying a car a simple process.

What To Do First

Before head to the auto dealer, you need to research cars that interest you and meet your budget. Make an appointment with 5 Star Auto Plaza to discuss your financing options, and bring your driver’s license and proof of insurance with you.

Before You Drive the Car

The test drive begins when you first get to the lot. Check the vehicle over well. Look for cracks, dents, ad rust. Examine the windows for cracks and nicks. You want to look at the tires for signs of uneven wear or if the tread seems extremely worn. Uneven wear can be a sign that the car is out of alignment. Make sure the brake lights and turn signals work.

Test Driving the Vehicle

Turn on the car and let it idle for a few minutes. You want to listen to any noises such as whining, rattling, or clicking. Go over the radio, air conditioner, and here and make sure they work correctly. Go over the dashboard and make sure all gauges and lights work. When you drive the car, drive on a street that has stop-and-go traffic. Pay attention to how the brakes feel when you come to a stop.  Listen for grinding noises or indications the brake pads and readers are worn. The car should turn well and handle speeding up and slowing down well. You also want to drive on a highway that reaches 55 mph or more.

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