Take Advantage of Military Auto Loans in St. Louis

Take Advantage of Military Auto Loans in St. Louis

June 1, 2017  

military auto loans in St. LouisAs a small way to thank veterans and individuals who currently serve in the United States military, many businesses offer incentives for saving money on purchases. Financial responsibilities can create hardship for anyone, whether you will buy a pricey item like a home or car or are stationed overseas. Many auto dealers are willing to help you acquire financing to buy a car. This is the reason that some dealerships advertise military auto loans in St. Louis and eagerly look to assist these types of buyers. There are options available for numerous credit ratings and for every price range imaginable. The benefits of a military loan over conventional financing are worth a second look:

  • Loan terms vary and offer much flexibility.
  • You can apply online or at the dealer and approval is quick.
  • Interest rates are typically low.
  • Active service members, reservists and retirees can all qualify.
  • It is not necessary to have a high credit score.

Completing a loan application requires proof of your military service and evidence of your income. You have countless choices of trucks, mini-vans, cars and one owner SUVs for sale.

5 Star Auto Plaza is a proud supporter of the US military for years and is pleased to be able to offer military auto loans in St. Louis to armed forces personnel. Phone us at (636)940-7600 for more information. Visit the dealership to browse our current inventory. We would be glad to talk about your transportation requirements and have you test drive some of our vehicles.