Should I Co-Sign for Auto Financing in O’Fallon?

Should I Co-Sign for Auto Financing in O’Fallon?

February 25, 2016  

Co-signing for auto financing in O’Fallon is not quite as simple as it may appear at first glance. Careful consideration is necessary before you become the co-signer or co-signee. There are two primary situations that may require a person to co-sign a loan. The first is a young, first-time car loan applicant who has little or no credit history. A parent or other individual may co-sign the auto loan to allow a start on building credit. The second involves a bit more risk. Someone who has flags on his credit report but still needs a car may apply for auto loans with poor credit with or without a co-signer.

Auto Financing in O'Fallon

Whichever side you are on, that of the co-signer or co-signee, it is important to note that if the loan is not repaid with timely monthly payments or a default or repeated non-payment occurs, that the co-signer is responsible for the debt. A potential co-signer must also evaluate his current credit score and how it may be affected by a potential financing problem. All options should be weighed very circumspectly before embarking on this possibly precarious relationship. Both parties should obtain copies of all pertinent paperwork regarding the loan.

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