Save Money on Used Cars in St. Peters

Save Money on Used Cars in St. Peters

April 19, 2017  

used cars in St. PetersReally, the only advantages of buying a new vehicle over used are the bragging rights and the new car smell. On every other point it simply makes better business sense to purchase used cars in St. Peters.

A new vehicle costs significantly more than used for the same amenities. Depreciation for the first couple of years alone is tremendous. The tag, taxes and insurance are all higher, as well.

Consider these benefits and interesting facts about pre-owned cars:

  • The overall cost for a pre-owned vehicle is less than that of a new one.
  • Taxes, tag and insurance will not be as expensive.
  • Maintenance costs may be higher, depending upon the condition and age of the car. However, any car that is well-maintained can last a long time.
  • More options are available for financing on pre-owned cars, particularly if your credit rating is above-board.
  • A buy here pay here auto dealer offers convenience for those who like to buy local.
  • Viewing a vehicle history report prior to signing the contract will let you know about recalls, routine maintenance and crashes that may have involved the auto.
  • Trading in a vehicle may be considered enough for a down payment or a combination of cash and trade-in may be an option.

For abundant variety, creative financing options and personnel with integrity, call 5 Star Auto Plaza at (636)940-7600 or stop by to browse our current stock and schedule a test drive or two. We have used cars in St. Peters for every transportation need and a team who is ready to help you find one.