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Reasons to Buy Low Mileage Cars in Wentzville

Reasons to Buy Low Mileage Cars in Wentzville

August 5, 2015  

There are so many reasons to buy a pre-owned car instead of a new one that it really bears close consideration. In particular, purchasing used low mileage cars in Wentzville offers even more benefits.

Low Mileage Cars in Wentzville

Of course, the main objective in buying used is that you can save a great deal of money. Many of these vehicles provide an excellent value and still have a number of years left on them. If there is a specific model you are looking for and the price for a new one is out of your budget, the same model that is a few years old can bring the same satisfaction.

Unfortunately, new vehicles depreciate up to 30% during the first year of ownership alone so buying one that is 2 or more years old can be quite cost-effective since the depreciation evens out after that time. In addition, auto insurance is less expensive and the full-coverage option may not be necessary.

Registration fees are reduced when buying used and you get more car for your money. Most vehicles today last for 200k miles or more.

Before deciding on “the one,” be sure to check the CarFax report for its history so that you know exactly what you are purchasing. Explore your options for loans and auto financing with bad credit, if applicable.

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