Protect Your Investment at the Auto Dealer in St. Charles

Protect Your Investment at the Auto Dealer in St. Charles

May 12, 2016  

Protect Your Investment at the Auto Dealer in St. CharlesAny large money purchase can be a valuable investment. This includes property, a home or vehicle, whether they are purchased new or pre-owned. When buying a used car from your local auto dealer in St. Charles, be sure to have all of the facts before signing the financing contract.

It is important to protect yourself during and after buying a used auto, even if the car is being sold “as is.” The dealer is required to evaluate the condition of the auto and give the buyer documentation that it is safe to drive. Your best bet, even with that, is to have a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle in question by a certified mechanic of your choosing. An experienced technician knows the “red flags” that may signal an issue with one or more of the vehicle’s components. Obvious issues like rust, leaks, a bent frame, bulls-eyes in the glass, a mold or mildew odor and a dirty engine can all signify a deeper problem. In addition to a professional inspection, get a copy of the vehicle history. This should indicate if the car was involved in a crash or had a recall and whether or not that was repaired.

Paying in cash, financing with an excellent credit score or for auto loans with no credit should all be for a pre-owned vehicle that is in good condition that you can trust for the type of driving that you will be undertaking. It really pays to do your homework and get all promises of drivability in writing.

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