Pre-Owned Cars for Sale in St. Louis

Pre-Owned Cars for Sale in St. Louis

One Owner Cars for Sale in St. Louis

Consumers that are searching for pre-owned cars for sale in St. Louis may be discouraged by the endless advertisements for used or pre-owned vehicles that are listed as ‘as is’, ‘non-op’, etc… The pre-owned market is a difficult one to navigate, for the average consumer. That’s why 5 Star Auto Plaza is a fantastic option for customers that are searching for just the right pre-owned vehicle.

Our staff here at 5 Star Auto Plaza have been serving the residents of the greater St. Charles and St. Louis area since 1997. Our client and community relations are in fantastic standing; as we are regionally recognized for our honesty, hard work, and dedication to finding just the right vehicle for each and every single client. Our staff here at 5 Star are very diligent in our goal to provide pre-owned vehicles that are notoriously well maintained, reliable and affordable.

We understand that the average client is not looking to pay up front in full. Third party financing can be complicated and unnecessarily expensive in the long run. In order to avoid that entirely; our company provides in house financing services. After our customers fill out our quick and simple application, we are able to provide them with the most reasonable financing options that are available to them within minutes. Our process is quick, easy and stress free. We provide financing for clients with all different levels of credit; although we are able to offer better deals and specials to those clients with exceptional credit history.

For more information about pre-owned cars for sale in St. Louis, please give us a call at (639)940-7600. Our helpful staff is waiting to assist clients with any questions they may have. Our showroom hours are as follows: 9am to 7pm on Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm on Saturday. We are closed on Sunday; however we welcome our clients to leave us a message, or make an inquiry online on our contact form.