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Logo PorscheNot just any repair shop is equipped to work on a Porsche. At 5 Star Auto Plaza, we are. Since 1997, our expert technicians have maintained, repaired and serviced vehicles in St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding area. We are your Porsche Repair Service in St. Charles.

Our comprehensive services encompass every area of your Porsche, from the oil and wiper blades to the tires and transmission. It’s never too early to get your air conditioning system checked. Our mechanics will analyze your Porsche’s air conditioning components for optimum cooling and air circulation within your vehicle. To ensure safety and performance of your Porsche, bring it to the friendly professionals at 5 Star Auto Plaza.

Contact our service department at (636)940-1950 for Porsche Repair Service in St. Charles. We are ready to get you and your Porsche back out on the road in style.