Minivans and Low Mileage Cars in St. Louis

Minivans and Low Mileage Cars in St. Louis

October 2, 2017  

low mileage cars in St. Louis

If you’re buying a used vehicle, it is always better to find one of the low mileage cars in St. Louis over ones that have more than 100k on the odometer. It may be that you are not even looking for a car and need something a bit bigger. Some families are unsure whether an SUV or a minivan would better meet their needs. Of course, every family is different, but here are a few reasons to opt for a minivan over a sport utility vehicle:

  • Minivans have more room for passengers than SUVs and there are more options for varying seating configurations.
  • Although SUVs do have room for your stuff, minivans traditionally offer more space for your cargo. Larger items like strollers, bicycles, sports equipment and camping gear can better fit in one of the many pre-owned minivans for sale.
  • Loading passengers and cargo are easier in a minivan. Sliding doors are a big plus, as is the lower-to-the-ground step leading to passenger seating.
  • Surprisingly, minivans have a faster start than SUVs. This may be due to lighter weight.
  • Minivans are easier to handle than sport utility vehicles. Since they are closer to the ground and weigh less, it is possible to maneuver with more consistency.

SUVs should not be discounted, since they have more towing capacity, ride higher and are much better performing off-road. It really depends on the features that you and your family require.

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