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Military Auto Loans In Wentzville

Military Auto Loans In Wentzville

April 2, 2019  

Military Auto Loans In WentzvilleWhen it’s time to buy a car, you will probably be looking to see where you can save some money. If you are a retired military service member or are currently serving, you may qualify for military auto loans in Wentzville. The special circumstances involved in this job situation often yield a better deal than conventional financing.

For pre-owned Jeeps for sale, trucks, cars, or minivans, you can enjoy these military loan benefits as a veteran or armed forces member:

  • Qualification is not typically based on credit history, so if you have no credit, poor credit, or excellent credit, you can still get this kind of loan.
  • The interest rate is generally lower than a traditional auto loan for civilians.
  • You may be able to front a smaller down payment.
  • There is a lot of flexibility in loan terms, including length.

Before car shopping in person, check out dealerships and vehicles online. See which dealers offer special financing for military members and see which used makes and models would work for you. Have a couple of different ones in mind when you go to the dealer. Test drive your choices – at least once but several times is even better.

After finding the vehicle you want to purchase, then you can talk about financing with the sales and loan personnel. It’s helpful to bring documentation of service with you and having a copy of your credit report in hand.

Visit 5 Star Auto Plaza or contact us at (636) 940-7600 for more information about military auto loans in Wentzville. We have a large inventory from which you can choose and will help you find financing that works for your budget.