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Auto Service in St.Charles, MO

mazda5 Star Auto Plaza provides quality and affordable Mazda Service in St. Charles. Since 1997, we have proudly served St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding area.

The qualified technicians at 5 Star Auto Plaza provide maintenance, service and repair of all parts of your Mazda vehicle. We’ll balance your tires, replace that loud muffler where the rust has eaten through it and change the oil. Did your Mazda fail emissions testing? We’ll fix it right up so that your car will pass with no problem. Has your “check engine” light flashed on your dash? We can run a computer diagnostic on that to determine the issue and get you safely back on the road. Whatever need your Mazda has, we will take care of it affordably and swiftly.

Contact the experts at 5 Star Auto Plaza at (636)940-1950 today to schedule Mazda Service in St. Charles.