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hyundai-logo-1The Korean Hyundai has changed dramatically since its founding in 1967. Introduced to the United States in the 1980s, it was not typically well received. Since then, however, the company has invested millions and made substantial improvements to the Hyundai brand. Today, the Hyundai is one of the fastest growing automobile brands. 5 Star Auto Plaza provides your Hyundai Auto Service in St. Charles.

Our routine maintenance and repair options cover every aspect of your Hyundai. Our courteous, knowledgeable technicians can change your oil, flush your radiator, replace your brake pads and anything else your Hyundai needs. Our efficient service will get you back to business in no time. One of our premier services targets the exhaust system of your vehicle. Our expert mechanics will examine your muffler from below and check for any issues. They will inspect your muffler, belts, hoses, exhaust and catalytic converter to ensure that your Hyundai continues to run as adeptly as when it was purchased.

Call the 5 Star Auto Plaza service professionals today at (636)940-1950 for Hyundai Auto Service in St. Charles to schedule an appointment today. We have been serving St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding area since 1997. Trust your Hyundai to us and you’ll be glad you did.