How to Talk to the Auto Dealer in St. Charles

How to Talk to the Auto Dealer in St. Charles

September 13, 2017  

Auto Dealer in St. Charles

Buying a vehicle, whether new or used, while exciting, can also be rather intimidating. After all, you will likely not purchase a car very often during your lifetime. However, a sales pro at a dealership negotiates auto sales every day and has experience in settling a deal that benefits the auto dealer in St. Charles.

It helps to be prepared when you actually shop at the dealership. Here are a few statements that the salesperson may make and the best ways for you to respond to be certain that you are treated equitably:

  • We guarantee that we can give you the most for your trade-in. Thank you. We can discuss that after settling on the price for the car I want.
  • Auto prep fees are standard and ensure that your car is ready to purchase. I’d like to see the dealer invoice for a detailed list of prep fees. Can we negotiate some of these prices?
  • How much can you afford to pay each month? I would rather discuss that after we settle on the best price you can give me for this car.
  • Let me show you all the extras you can get with this vehicle. It will only add a little to your monthly payment. No, thanks. I’m not interested.
  • We have the lowest financing rates around. Do you offer financing with any credit score? Let’s talk.
  • This is the best I can do on the price of this car. It’s already been marked down as much as we can allow. Well, this price exceeds the fair price I expect to pay for the car.

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