How to Haggle with a Car Dealer in St. Louis

How to Haggle with a Car Dealer in St. Louis

June 4, 2015  

After the purchase of a home, buying an auto is the second largest investment most people make and it only happens a few times over the course of a lifetime. The quest for a new or pre-owned vehicle can be intimidating. Many individuals are leery of questioning the figures that a dealership’s sales staff offers. This does not have to be the case. There are ways to haggle (or, make a good deal) with a car dealer in St. Louis. You can save from 10-15% by negotiating the best price when you are on a strict budget.

Car Dealer in St. Louis

Note the following tips to secure a great price on a used auto:

  • Get the salesperson to state the vehicle price first.
  • Be sure to mention that you have checked this particular vehicle at Edmunds or other used car pricing site.
  • Have a car-savvy friend with you to aid in vehicle inspection and negotiation.
  • During the back-and-forth price offers between you and the sales professional, leave the area when the salesperson does to counteract this popular intimidation technique.
  • Leave the lot to make your decision but make sure the dealer has your phone number.
  • Visit more than one dealer and be sure that each is aware that you are doing so.
  • Name your price.
  • Prepare to counter-offer.
  • Make the most of timing. The end of the month and the end of the year are pressure-sales periods for auto dealers.

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