How to Avoid Problems with Low Mileage Cars in St. Peters

How to Avoid Problems with Low Mileage Cars in St. Peters

July 19, 2018  

Low Mileage Cars in St. Peters

Buying a pre-owned auto instead of a new one simply makes good economic sense. Used low mileage cars in St. Peters can still offer all the bells and whistles, have a lot of life in them and are much more cost-effective than the latest vehicles coming off the showroom floor. Undertaking some online research before your purchase will ensure that you really are getting a bargain at the dealership. Prior to your auto search, ask friends and neighbors for dealer recommendations. While the majority of dealerships are honest, there are some who try to take advantage of unwary customers.

One fairly common issue is VIN (vehicle identification number) cloning. Auto thieves remove the VIN from a stolen vehicle and put it on another car. There may even be false paperwork included. If this auto is sold and returned somehow to the police, the auto buyer has lost thousands of dollars.

Take advantage of these suggestions to sidestep VIN cloning problems:

  • Curiously low vehicle prices can be a red flag. Autos should be competitively priced.
  • Ensure that the same VIN is found under the hood, on the dash, inside the door and on the vehicle’s paperwork.
  • Carefully go over all vehicle documentation. There are usually glaring mistakes on bogus papers.
  • Get a copy of the vehicle history report and look it over closely.
  • Learn all you can about the dealership’s policy on auto loans with high risk credit.
  • Call the police if you believe you have a cloned vehicle.

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