Helpful Tips for Buying Used Cars in O’Fallon

Helpful Tips for Buying Used Cars in O’Fallon

November 9, 2016  

Helpful Tips for Buying Used Cars in O'FallonBeginning the painstaking search for used cars in O’Fallon can seem daunting but does not have to be. A little advance preparation can go a long way in simplifying the process and driving away in a choice pre-owned auto is the ultimate reward.

After locating a car that meets or exceeds your transportation requirements, be sure to follow these valuable tips before finalizing the deal:

  • The outside of the vehicle should not have any rust. Areas that have an obvious paint touch-up should be closely examined.
  • The oil should be clean and at the proper level.
  • Looking at the undercarriage can be quite helpful. Ask if the car can be placed on a lift so that it can be seen more easily.
  • Have a copy of the Carfax report in hand and note all remarks about required maintenance, crashes, recalls and a clear title.
  • A mechanic or mechanically-inclined friend should inspect the auto for your peace of mind.
  • Determine the best way to pay for the vehicle. While paying in cash frees up future money, make certain that you have enough left over for emergencies that may arise. Know that you can qualify for auto loans with poor credit, if this applies in your situation.
  • A test drive is imperative. Varying road conditions and types allow you to observe performance levels in a variety of circumstances.

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