Getting Approved for Car Loans After A Divorce

Getting Approved for Car Loans After A Divorce

January 20, 2014  

St. Louis auto loans for bad creditAfter a divorce, your credit rating may still reflect any poor credit issues that were present during or as a result of your marriage. These items can have a negative effect on your chance to be approved for new home or larger loans going forward for many years, so it is of importance to take steps toward improving your credit score now and for the future.

A car loan is an excellent way of re-establishing a positive credit rating after a divorce. Every payment that is made on time improves your credit history and begins to restore your credit worthiness. Continued efforts to rebuild your credit will begin to overshadow past discrepancies and boost your score over the course of your auto loan’s duration.  The expert team at 5 Star Auto Plaza can help you secure an auto loan during this time in your life, regardless of your credit history and current score.

Our qualified loan department works with lenders who specialize in St. Louis auto loans for poor credit due to divorce, bankruptcy, or minimal credit history, and can walk you through the steps to credit recovery regardless of your credit score.  Contact 5 Star Auto Plaza in  at 636-940-7600 to discuss your loan options for bad credit auto loans in St. Louis today!