Car Loans for US Veterans in St. Peters

Car Loans for US Veterans in St. Peters

Military Auto Loans in St. Charles

Here at 5 Star Auto Plaza, we find it a real shame that many other car dealerships treat clients as less-than, refusing them loans and leases based on credit scores alone. We believe that everyone needs reliable transportation, regardless of credit scores. We find it a complete travesty that not only are civilians with poor credit turned away, our US veterans and members of the military are turned away because of bad credit or other tough life events such as divorce and bankruptcy. Here at 5 Star Auto Plaza, we offer car loans for US veterans in St. Peters, and sincerely thank them for their service.

As a Buy Here Pay Here dealership, we are unique in our ability to extend car loans and credit way beyond other dealerships. Here at 5 Star, we make all of our financial decisions in-house, and do not depend on large compactions for our decision-making. Other car dealerships must send their credit applications out, waiting several days, and typically receiving a denial if the credit score is not high enough. Here we add a personal touch, sitting with each client and hearing their stories. We are willing to give everyone a second chance on credit, including our US veterans.

For veterans and members of the military, we can also offer special rates. Simply bring in proof of service to qualify for special offers, such as a no down payment car loan, a low monthly payment car loan, or a low APR. we also offer top dollar on any trade-in brought into the dealership.

We invite all potential car buyers to drop by the dealership to see our large inventory of cars, trucks, and SUVs. To learn more about car loans for US veterans in St. Peters, stop by or call 5 Star Auto Plaza at (636)940-7600.We want to build our clients for life.