Car Financing with No Credit in St. Louis, MO

Car Financing with No Credit in St. Louis

Car Financing with No Credit in St. Louis

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Many of our customers are relieved to learn that we offer car financing with no credit in St. Louis and the surrounding area. Many dealers and other financial institutions are hesitant to offer car financing with no credit history whatsoever; which is understandable with the associated risks; but hardly helpful to the average consumer. At 5 Star Auto Plaza, we keep an open mind. We know that there are a variety of factors that can lead to not having any credit history when a customer goes to purchase a vehicle; whether they are a first time buyer, starting over after a divorce, etc…

We offer our own in house car financing program; which benefits our customers in a variety of ways-

  • No third party; meaning no third party charges, wait time, or unexpected fees for applying or accepting the financing options presented
  • Free application process
  • Quick and simple application that only takes minutes to fill out
  • Potential car financing package options are available to our clients within a matter of minutes
  • We consider clients with all different levels of credit history

We believe that each and every single one of our customers deserves the best service possible, and that that includes reasonable car financing options for their vehicle purchase. Finding car financing with no credit in St. Louis can be difficult and laborious to acquire; but not at 5 Star Auto Plaza. Customers who are interested in further discussing their car financing options are welcome to stop into our office at 3690 W. Clay St. in St. Charles, MO where our friendly and knowledgeable staff are waiting to assist. Customers can also give us a call to discuss what we can do to get them into a car asap; at (636)940-7600.