Car Financing with Defaulted Credit in St. Louis, MO

Car Financing with Defaulted Credit in St. Louis

Car Financing with Defaulted Credit in St. Louis

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Everyone knows that having defaulted credit is a very, very bad situation to be in. Millions and millions of people personally manage their debt balances daily for the sole purpose of insuring that they do not slip into the category of defaulted credit. Having a history of defaulted credit not only means that the individual failed to pay a legally obligated debt; but was also negligent in their efforts to inform creditors of their situation, and resolve their financial obligations in the long run. Financial institutions take this red flag very seriously. While this makes it difficult to obtain car financing with defaulted credit in St. Louis; or anywhere else for that matter; it does not make it impossible. 5 Star Auto Plaza offers personalized car financing options for each and every client that we serve.

Our team realizes how discouraging it can be to be turned down on car, home or any other necessary financing applications. And without a reliable vehicle, it is incredibly difficult for any individual to get their financial affairs in order. Without a car to get to and from work; potential employment options dwindle quickly. We understand that sometimes our customers just need to catch that one break- such as a reliable, affordable car- in order to start rebuilding.

At 5 Star Auto Plaza, we’re ready to work with you; regardless of your negative credit history. For inquiries regarding car financing with defaulted credit in St. Louis, our application process, our selection of available vehicles or anything else that we can assist with, give us a call at (636)940-7600 during regular business hours Monday-Saturday. Inquiries can also be made via our contact us page.