Car Financing for US Military in St. Louis, MO

Car Financing for US Military in St. Louis

Car Financing for US Military in St. Louis

Military Auto Loans in St. Charles

At 5 Star Auto Plaza, we take great pride in the service that we provide to our customers in the local St. Louis and St. Charles areas. We are particularly proud to be able to offer our qualifying clients car financing for US military in St. Louis; in order to thank the men and women who have loyally served our country. We know that it can be a struggle to find financing on a fixed-income; and that retirement wages for our military personnel are unfortunately not as impressive as one might expect.

In spite of this however; our dealership is able to offer our customers guaranteed financing; regardless of financial and credit history. We provide financing packages that are suitable for each and every client that applies with us. Obviously the better the client’s credit is, the better the financing offer will be; however we work with each client to find the right financing package for their needs and qualifications.

We provide all of our own financing; with no third party involvement whatsoever. This is mutually beneficial for both our company and our customers for many reasons.

  • We provide a quick, easy to fill out application to get the process started
  • We provide results of each client’s application within minutes of initializing processing
  • We do not have to wait on a third party, or gain their permission to provide credit lines
  • We are able to absolutely guarantee that each and every client will qualify for financing

Our team at 5 Star Auto Plaza look forward to serving you and your loved ones. If you have any questions concerning car financing for US military in St. Louis; please feel free to contact us at (636)940-7600; Monday through Saturday during our business hours.Pre