Car Financing After Divorce in St. Peters, MO

Car Financing After Divorce in St. Peters

Car Financing After Divorce in St. Peters

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Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes bad things happen that ultimately can wreck a client’s credit for a few years, such as divorce. Not every divorce is a no-fault, and not everyone comes through it unscathed. Unfortunately, most car dealerships and lending companies will not give a second chance to someone with poor credit, even if it was no fault of their own. Here at 5 Star Auto Plaza, we offer car financing after divorce in St .Peters, because it is most likely when a client needs reliable transportation most of all.

Part of why we can do this is because we are a Buy Here Pay Here dealership. We do not depend on those large corporations and lenders for our financial decision-making. All of our decisions are made in-house, and therefore we cut out the middleman. Instead of just looking at a credit score on a piece of paper, we add a more personal touch, and get to know every client’s individual story. We are able to give second chances because people deserve them. Whether divorce has brought bankruptcy, foreclosure, and even repossession, we can work with every client to find a solution.

Some clients do worry about the cost of monthly payments and a down payment. Not to worry – not only do we offer a low APR, we also offer top dollar for every vehicle brought in for a trade-in. Simply bring any type of car, SUV, or truck into our lot, and receive a fair and reasonable estimate in minutes.

We invite all potential car buyers to come down to our West Clay Street showroom to see our inventory, or to give 5 Star Auto Plaza a call at (636)940-7600 to learn about car financing after divorce in St. Peters. Here at 5 Star, we want to build our clients for life