Car Financing after Divorce in St. Charles

Car Financing after Divorce in St. Charles

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Divorce is stressful on all parties involved, and when the smoke clears one party can be left holding the bills. However, lenders do not look at joint debt in the same way as divorce court does, no matter whose name is on the deed or loan, if one fails to pay if falls to the other. The one left holding the debt can have their credit affected negatively. At 5 Star Auto Plaza, we understand that the result of divorce can sometimes fall on individuals unfairly, and we offer Car Financing after Divorce in St. Charles, regardless of how negatively a credit score has been affected.

For most, acquiring a vehicle after divorce is not always easy, as a credit profile may have become extremely damaged during the process. Our finance department offers affordable financing at great rates and terms to assist with these particular situations. We are very experienced in the auto and finance industries, and will find the perfect loan for any credit profile and vehicle, no matter the credit situation.

With the strong relationships our finance staff has forged with the many lending companies we deal with across the nation, it has allowed us to be able to guarantee our auto loans regardless of credit good or bad. Our goal is finding the right auto loan to match the credit profile for the chosen vehicle at affordable prices.

Has divorce left you with a credit score that is less than perfect? Contact 5 Star Auto Plaza at (636)940-7600 and speak with our finance staff about, Car Financing after Divorce in St. Charles, we are here to help.