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Car Dealer in St. Peters for “As Is” Vehicles

Car Dealer in St. Peters for “As Is” Vehicles

September 3, 2015  

There can be a lot of confusion about the term “as is” as it applies to purchasing a pre-owned vehicle from a car dealer in St. Peters or surrounding communities. What does “as is” actually mean?

Car Dealer in St. Peters for "As Is" Vehicles

All used auto dealers sell a wide variety of mini-vans, autos, SUVs and trucks that encompass a huge range of makes and models, ages and conditions.  There may be virtually new cars and some that are quite a few years older. When you buy from the numerous used Ford cars for sale, or that of any other type, purchasing one that is “as is” means that you agree to buy the vehicle in its present condition, regardless of any current or future issues that it may possess. After you sign the contract, you are accepting the responsibility for all repairs that are incurred, whether they are known now or not. Dealers are required to display a sign on the vehicle that identifies it as “as is.”

This type of purchase scares many people but it really is not a problem if you carefully research the vehicle history using its VIN or vehicle identification number, closely examine the entire car with a knowledgeable mechanic or friend and test drive in several different road (and weather, if possible) conditions. An auto sold “as is” can be a fantastic deal with regard to a low cost and reliability.

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