Buying Pre-owned High or Low Mileage Cars in St. Charles

Buying Pre-owned High or Low Mileage Cars in St. Charles

September 28, 2021  

Buying Pre-owned High or Low Mileage Cars in St. Charles

Interested in buying a used vehicle for your daily driving needs? At 5 Star Auto Plaza, we have the best options for pre-owned low-mileage cars in St. Charles. Visit us today!

Pre-owned vehicles sometimes come with unpredictability, especially when you opt for the private sale route. You never know how the previous owner treated the car and what repairs the car has undergone. However, there’s one thing that’ll tell you the condition of the vehicle you’re planning to buy — mileage.

High or Low Mileage on a Car

Price Depreciation

Price depreciation on a new car is the same after a year, but that doesn’t mean its quality is deteriorating. A used car with low mileage and a used car with high mileage will roughly cost you the same. But, the quality of both vehicles will differ vastly. That is why we tell our customers to buy a used car with low mileage.

Age Over Mileage

Not all low mileage cars are a good choice, though. Older models with a low mileage mean the vehicle has two factors working against it. First is the mileage and the second is the age. In this case, a newer model with high mileage could be a better choice.

Utility and Use

Utility vehicles with higher mileage are not a wrong choice either. If the car is new with low mileage, then go for it. But if it’s an older car with low mileage, the parts might have deteriorated due to lack of use.

Check out our inventory of pre-owned vehicles to find the most affordable low-mileage cars in St. Charles. 5 Star Auto Plaza will provide you all the help and information you need to make the right decision. Call our sales team at (636) 940-7600 or check our inventory online.