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Buy Used Cars in Cottleville Instead of New

Buy Used Cars in Cottleville Instead of New

April 8, 2015  

Since buying an auto is one of the most expensive purchases you will make in your life, it makes good financial sense to weigh all of your options prior to sealing the deal. There are distinct advantages in considering used cars in Cottleville rather than brand new models.

Used Cars in Cottleville

It is widely recognized that a new auto is really an unnecessary expense. Aside from enjoying the signature “new car smell,” a new vehicle commands a stiff sticker price, costly fees, automatic depreciation, extra and often unanticipated expenditures that can equal thousands of dollars within the first year of purchase.

Numerous dealers are proud to offer car financing with any credit on pre-owned cars of all ages and with a wide range of features. Autos that are less than two years old and have less than 30k on the odometer can really net a spectacular bargain. The good quality is still there at tremendous savings over new and you have cash left over.

To recap the benefits of buying used:

  • Lower price and less depreciation
  • Significantly less or no sales tax
  • Smaller registration and licensing fees
  • Reduced or completely eliminated dealer fees
  • Reliable transportation that remains in great condition at a fraction of the new car price

To learn more about how you can reap the rewards of buying used cars in Cottleville, call the professionals at 5 Star Auto Plaza at (636)940-7600. Shop our large inventory of pre-owned vehicles and secure affordable financing no matter what your credit history. Let us help you with your auto-buying needs today.