Book Smart Car Buying for College Students

Book Smart Car Buying for College Students

June 20, 2014  

used cars in St. Charles, MOCollege is expensive, no question about it. As every dollar needs to be stretched, especially when a person has to factor in living costs, food, and transportation in addition to tuition and books. When dealing with this kind of pressure, it makes no sense for a student to be saddled with a big monthly bill associated with a car purchase, even an economy one. Purchasing a user car is always a better decision over a brand new vehicle, and for used cars in St. Charles for college students, look no further than 5 Star Auto Plaza.

The better route is for a student to purchase a quality used car that has plenty of life and mileage on it for years to come. Not only is the initial cost less expensive than retail, but if any financing is necessary the associated expense is going to be far lower as well. That makes the cash flow impact far easier to manage when going to school and possibly working a part-time job as well.

5 Star Auto Plaza has a huge inventory of used cars and pricing that will fit any student’s budget and means, ensuring a set of working wheels while focusing on higher education. So don’t burn all those valuable school funds or school loans on a new car. Be book smart and work with a quality used car, keeping as much as possible in schooling.

For those going to school and/or looking for used cars in St. Charles, MO area, 5 Star Auto Plaza has been serving the St. Louis region since 1997. Contact us at (636)940-7600.