Best Selection of used cars in St. Louis

Best Selection of used cars in St. Louis

July 10, 2014  

used cars in St. LouisMore and more people are wising up and selecting to purchase used cars in St. Louis before even considering a brand new vehicle off the showroom floor. 

No other invention has changed American life so dramatically and swiftly as the automobile. Without the automobile, our suburban centers and the lifestyle that goes along with the, could not have existed as they do today.

Our vacation customs and leisure habits demand cars to take us to beaches, hunting and fishing grounds, clubs, resorts, and concert halls. Today the bulk of the goods we buy so profusely are shipped by truck, not railroad. Many residents of our largest cities depend upon cars, not buses and trains, for transportation.

But for Americans, the car is not simply transportation. It is a symbol of status and success. Coming home with a new car is, for many, one of the most significant experiences of their lives. For young people, getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage, the sign that they are independent of their families and ready for adulthood, more important to many than the right to vote or marry. American lives, to an astonishing extent, arc built around automobiles.

The automobile changed American life in some obvious ways: people were able to do things that their grandparents could never have considered, like traveling long distances to beaches, ski resorts, and hunting grounds. They could take jobs 50 miles from home or visit relatives across the state. But the car changed life in subtle ways Americans had not even begun to imagine.

When it comes to automobiles today, it is much smarter to purchase something used.  Today’s vehicles are solid in reliability and construction resulting in a car that will run 100,000 or more. You no longer have to purchase a brand new vehicle in order to own something reliable.

5 Star Auto Plaza provides quality used vehicle’s that will withstand the test of time.  Not only are our vehicles reliable, but they are affordable and fun to drive as well. We are sure that there is a vehicle in our inventory that matches your unique needs, and if not, we will help you find one!

For the best used cars in St. Louis, call 5 Star Auto Plaza at (636)940-7600. We offer affordable financing for all credit types and cars you can trust.