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Bankruptcy Auto Loans In St. Peters

Bankruptcy Auto Loans In St. Peters

February 13, 2019  

Bankruptcy Auto Loans In St. Peters

Have you wondered if you can buy a car from a dealer if you have a bankruptcy filing within the last few years? Wonder no more. While all circumstances are different, you can probably purchase a pre-owned car even after bankruptcy. There are numerous bankruptcy auto loans in St. Peters to choose from if you are having financial challenges. Also, keep in mind that after financing a vehicle, you will eventually be able to slowly restore your credit and obtain lower insurance rates.

It’s to your advantage to follow these tips when buying SUVs, cars, trucks, or mini-vans:

• It’s better to buy used rather than new. Since money is definitely a major concern, it is smart not to exceed your budget.
• Vehicles priced from $10k-$15k are good options. Trust the professionals at Consumer Reports to explore dependable cars in this price range.
• Affordable financing is available if you have a favorable payment history and a secured or unsecured credit card for a minimum of six months. It is possible to get auto loans with poor credit.

The team at 5 Star Auto Plaza understands that sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. We are proud to offer competitive yet affordable bankruptcy auto loans in St. Peters and always have a varied selection of pre-owned vehicles of all makes and models. Talk with one of our experienced sales team members by contacting us at (636) 940-7600 or visiting us on the lot. We are ready to help you find a great used car and help you secure financing.