Bad Credit Auto Loans in St. Louis

Bad Credit Auto Loans in St. Louis

January 27, 2020  

Bad Credit Auto Loans in St. Louis

Buying a new car is exciting, but can also be hard on the pocketbook.  If you need a new vehicle and you don’t have access to the money to pay for it upfront, you might need to use an auto loan to help offset the purchase price. For those who don’t have good credit, don’t worry — there are bad credit auto loans in St. Louis at 5 Star Auto Plaza!

So, what is a bad credit auto loan? If you currently have bad credit or no credit, you might find it hard to gain approval through a traditional lender. A bad credit auto loan is simply a loan that offers auto purchase money to individuals who don’t have stellar credit.

In some cases, a bad credit auto loan will require a down payment to offset the risk to the lender. Still, those with bad credit often use these loans to make purchasing a car more feasible. Lenders are reassured by the fact that they can reclaim the vehicle if the individual does not meet their payments on a regular basis.

At 5 Star Auto Plaza, we provide bad credit auto loans in St. Louis. Our car dealership stocks a broad range of affordable vehicles that you can access using our in-house lending team — we even offer affordable bad credit loans to our customers. If you’d like to discuss our range of vehicles in more detail, or you need additional information about our financing options, get in touch with our team at (636)940-7600.