Bad Credit Auto Loans in O’Fallon / St. Charles County

Bad Credit Auto Loans in O’Fallon / St. Charles County

November 12, 2015  

Advance preparation is crucial when buying a used car, especially if you must seek bad credit auto loans in O’Fallon / St. Charles County. Numerous dealerships are willing to take a risk on someone who has a less than favorable credit history.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in O'Fallon / St. Charles County

Before shopping for your pre-owned auto and how to pay for it, carefully consider these car buying tips:

  1. Acquire a copy of your credit report and score online. This will allow you  realize your exact situation before visiting the dealership. While your score may be too low to buy a house, it is likely to be high enough for a used auto. Correcting any errors that appear will also raise your credit score, in time.
  2. Strive for the shortest loan term that you can. Though your monthly payments will be higher, dealers prefer short term loans. It can also save you money over the length of the loan.
  3. For your car search, choose a dealer with a good reputation. Convenience is also a bonus.
  4. Bring a friend with you to the dealership for unbiased advice about a vehicle and the type of loan best for you.
  5. Look for the lowest annual percentage rate or APR available.
  6. Do not cave in to the pressure to buy dealer add-ons. They are not necessary.
  7. Ensure that the paperwork is finalized before leaving the dealership.

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