Auto Loans for Pre-Owned Ford Trucks in St. Charles

Auto Loans for Pre-Owned Ford Trucks in St. Charles

April 4, 2014  

Pre-Owned Ford Trucks in St. Charles5 Star Auto Plaza offers a wide variety of Pre-Owned Ford Trucks For Sale in St. Charles in inventory at our dealership lot.  If we don’t currently have a particular vehicle in stock, let us know, as we are more then happy to help you locate the car, truck, or SUV of your dreams!  Each vehicle at 5 Star Auto Plaza is meticulously inspected even before being placed on our  lot, to ensure the best quality and selection is available to our customers.  When purchasing used, it is important to check these key features to ensure you are getting the best deal for your budget.


  • Vehicle Identification Number and engine number found in plain view when you lift up the hood – if these are different from the numbers on the registration document, you could be looking at a rogue car.
  • Tires and exhaust – uneven wear of tires can be a sign of suspension faults. Smoke from the exhaust is always an ominous sign.
  • Bodywork – kinks in the bodywork or paint variations point to possible crash damage.
  • Noises – listen to the car when driving to make sure no odd noises are present which could indicate a mechanical issue.

You can trust that the vehicle inventory at 5 Star Auto Plaza has been inspected by our in house mechanical team to ensure that your car or truck will be both reliable and affordable. For quality Pre-Owned Ford Trucks For Sale in St. Charles and the surrounding communities, contact 5 Star Auto Plaza or call 636-940-7600 for the best and cleanest inventory in the area.