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Auto loans for high end used cars in St. Louis

Auto loans for high end used cars in St. Louis

March 31, 2014  

used car auto loans in St. LouisThe auto manufacturers realize the used-car market is changing and they have responded. They are now offering refurbished used cars – many of them come with warranties backed by the factory. For some time, luxury-car makers have been offering this kind of service, but now with prices so high, even makers of mainstream, everyday cars and trucks are offering used cars with warranties.It makes sense. After all, most used-car buyers are spending the same amount they paid for their last new car on a late-model used car. Buyers feel more secure with that warranty in their pocket.  Used car auto loans which are affordable, are now available for these high end used cars.

There are sound financial reasons to purchase a used car. Buying a 2 or 3 year-old car is always going to save you money over buying a new one. Not only are you saving on the depreciation, which is far and away the greatest ownership cost, you also save on financing, insurance, and, in many cases, state licensing fees. Sales tax is smaller, too, as it’s based on a lower car price. Also, used-car buyers avoid the luxury tax assessed on new cars.

If you’ve been weighing the purchase of a luxury car, you probably hadn’t considered buying a used one. When you do think about it, a lot of questions are likely to come to mind. Here are some major ones, and the answers that apply to buyers of certified cars. Quite a revolutionary idea, that: buying a used car with confidence. But the high quality of the cars, the thorough reconditioning, and the security of the warranty have allowed many buyers to happily acquire the car they’ve always dreamt of. And for much less money than they expected.

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