Auto Financing in St. Louis, MO

Auto Financing in St. Louis

Auto Financing in St. Louis

Auto Loans for US Veterans in St. Louis

One of the toughest things about shopping for an auto is the worrying about financing. Most people do not pay cash in full for a car, and need some type of financing. Those just starting out with no credit and those with bad credit may experience a lot of rejections when it comes to needing reliable transportation. This leaves so many clients frustrated, ending up in cars that may not be the best fit for them. Here at 5 Star Auto Plaza, we want to see everyone in a reliable vehicle. We offer the best auto financing in St. Louis and all of the surrounding areas. We care about our clients.

As a Buy Here Pay Here dealership, we are unique n the fact that we do not depend on any outside sources for our financial decision-making. Many car dealerships have to send out loan and credit applications. Not only can it take days for the applications to returns, those with less than sterling credit usually receive denials. As much as these dealerships promise guaranteed approvals, their hands are tied when it is crunch time.

Here at 5 Star, we are well-versed with life events such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, and repossession, and are willing to work with any clients with any of these problems. Everyone deserves reliable transportation, regardless of their credit history. Those with great credit may qualify for loans such as no down payment loan, or a low APR.

We invite all potential car buyers to come down and see our vast inventory of cars, trucks, and SUVs. For the best auto financing in St. Louis, stop by or call 5 Star Auto Plaza at (636)940-7600. Here, we build our clients for life.