Auto Financing for US Veterans in St. Charles, MO

Auto Financing for US Veterans in St. Charles

Auto Financing for US Veterans in St. Charles

Military Auto Loans in St. Louis

Sometimes, regardless of service to our country, veterans can be turned away from car dealerships or turned down for loans because of black marks on credit reports. Often, when a veteran is struggling with hardship or disability, a big corporation only sees the number on the credit report, and misses the human factor. Because of this, auto financing for US veterans in St. Charles may prove tough for some veterans in need of reliable transportation.

Here at 5 Star Auto Plaza we are committed to getting everyone into a vehicle regardless of credit, and are willing to offer US veterans lower financing rates whenever possible.

A military loan may also be a shorter loan in addition to having lower financing. All that a former or current US serviceman or woman has to do is bring in proof of service into the dealership, and fill out our simple and easy credit application, with results in less than five minutes. Life events such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession and other bad credit marks do not affect military personnel’s ability to get a loan here at 5 Star Auto Plaza.

To make rates and length of loans even shorter, bring in a vehicle for trade-in and we will pay top dollar for autos, in good and bad condition.

We encourage US veterans and military personnel to visit our West Clay Street location here in St. Charles, or give us a call at (636)940-7600 to speak with an experienced sales professional. We don’t want auto financing for US veterans in St. Charles to be a hassle or headache. Our desire is to get everyone approved, and to build clients for life.