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Advantages of One-Owner Used Vehicles

Advantages of One-Owner Used Vehicles

September 11, 2014  

one-owner vehicles for sale in St.CharlesThere are so many choices today when searching for a used vehicle. From the number of auto dealers both online and throughout the Western Washington area and the enormous scope of auto makes and models, it can be a daunting proposition to find the one that is just right for you. 5 Star Auto Plaza can help you with your decision by offering the best quality used cars around. One important factor for consideration is how many owners a vehicle has had. We provide a wide selection of used one-owner vehicles for sale in St. Charles. Autos that have only had one previous owner can offer a huge advantage for a buyer.

  • Vehicles that have had only one prior owner often have fewer problems and are in better condition than those that have had multiple owners.
  • They typically have fewer miles on the odometer and have reduced “wear and tear,” like minor damage to the interior or exterior.
  • One-owner vehicles are far less expensive than a new model but a little pricier than a multi-owner used car.
  • The vehicle history generally is less complicated and more easily available than tracking that of several owners.
  • Since the auto is not new, depreciation is not an issue.

Selecting a used vehicle over a new vehicle is always the best decision when purchasing a car. A pre-owned vehicle offers just as much reliability, but for a much more affordable price and sometimes can include more features and bells and whistles.

Stop by 5 Star Auto Plaza or check out our website to browse our collection of one-owner vehicles for sale in St. Charles. Call the office to speak with our sales professionals and for questions about our financing options at (636) 940-7600.