Shop Now for Low Mileage Cars in Wentzville

Shop Now for Low Mileage Cars in Wentzville

December 18, 2018  

Shop Now for Low Mileage Cars in WentzvilleBuying a car involves a lot of decision-making – new or pre-owned, cash or financing, SUV or truck, family or sporty vehicle. When you choose a used auto, it is often in your best interest to select from the selection of low mileage cars in Wentzville. Vehicles typically last longer if they have fewer than 100k on the odometer, although you may occasionally find a car with high mileage that still has some good life left in it.

One factor to consider is whether you want a mini-van or a sport utility vehicle. Both have advantages, but it really depends on what you need. Think about these points:

  • There is more passenger room in a mini-van and there are many options for different seating configurations.
  • SUVs do have cargo room, but there is usually more in a mini-van. Big items like strollers, sports gear, camping equipment and bicycles are easier to fit in a mini-van.
  • It is simple to load both cargo and passengers in a mini-van. Sliding doors provide even more access and being lower to the ground is helpful for riders with varying levels of mobility.
  • While SUVs definitely have more style, mini-vans supply a faster start. This is probably because they are lighter weight vehicles.
  • Mini-vans are easier to maneuver than an SUV.
  • Sport utility vehicles offer elevated seating, can tow more and perform better off-road.
  • You can find auto loans with high risk credit for both SUVs and mini-vans, as well as other cars and trucks.

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