Inventory Blitz

Inventory Blitz


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At 5 Star Auto Plaza, our team was so busy drafting our fantasy football picks for the season that we FORGOT to stock up on new vehicle inventory! Due to this big fumble, we need cars NOW, and are calling for the first ever Inventory Blitz!

Bring 5 Star Auto Plaza your existing car and we can help you score on a nice and newer ride that you have been in desperate need of for only A LITTLE DOWN.

It’s time to Sack your old vehicle and start driving the car of your dreams now for only A LITTLE DOWN today. Our sales and finance team can help drive off with a newer and nicer car then what you are currently driving.

Punt the current car that you hate and upgrade to a newer car just for A LITTLE DOWN today.

At 5 Star Auto Plaza we are throwing a Hail Mary and need your help and your vehicle! Don’t wait until our inventory is full as this is limited time offer.

Contact 5 Star Auto Plaza regarding our Inventory Blitz at (636) 940-7600 today to learn how we can upgrade your ride and help you sack your current car!