Free Missouri State Car Inspections

Free Missouri State Car Inspections


Safety Inspections

As required by the Missouri Department of Revenue, residents must complete regular vehicle inspections. The vehicle inspection required by the DOR involves two pieces:

  • A smog check and emissions testing (only required for certain counties—see emissions page).
  • A vehicle safety inspection.

While safety inspections are required in the state of Missouri, emissions testing is only required in certain locations (see emissions page). 5 Star Auto Plaza will help you determine what type of inspection you need, and what the inspection process is.


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Why Does Missouri Require A Safety Inspection?

The program was designed to ensure that your vehicle does not pose a threat to you, your passengers, or other drivers on the road, and that it adheres to Missouri safety laws. The safety inspection is regulated by the state Highway Patrol.

What is examined in a Safety Inspection?

  • Seat belts.
  • Windshield and windows.
  • Turn signals and headlights.
  • Brake lights.
  • Brake system.
  • Horn.
  • Steering mechanism.
  • Rearview mirrors.
  • Exhaust system.
  • Fuel system.
  • Tires and wheels.
  • Bumpers.
  • Airbags.

What Happens After The Test?

  • An inspection sticker will be put on your windshield where it must be displayed at all times.
  • You will get a Certificate of Inspection and Approval, which will be required for registering or renewing your registration with the Missouri Department of Revenue.

What Happens If Your Vehicle Does Not Pass?

You will need to make appropriate repairs and have it retested until the vehicle passes an inspection. Our ASE certified, licensed, auto repair technicians can help you with virtually any repair that your vehicle may need.

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